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The file lists several technical terms in English, along with their corresponding words in the Dutch language. The file can be used as a simple, standalone dictionary since it can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel and allows you to use all the afferent functions. For instance, you can search for a particular word, either by matching the entire phrase or just parts of it. You may also replace words, cut, copy or paste them, as well as perform any of the required tasks that Excel supports. Technical Dictionary English Dutch features thousands of entries, meaning pairs of words in English and Dutch, which can be read either in Excel or Access format. The database includes various technical terms, from a multitude of fields. For instance, you can find the translations for electrical, engineering, automotive, automation, mechanical, computer science or telecommunications terms. Additionally, the database offers terms in the fields of space science, geology, hydraulics, mining or machinery. The terms are sorted by their first letter, similar to a real dictionary, but you cannot sort or filter them based on the field. The database can also be used as a development component for applications that require the translation of technical terms. For instance, it can be the basis of a Dutch language option in a science-related application or it can constitute the content of a technical term translation tool. The database is saved in XLSX format, which is why Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher is required for opening this type of file. The information is structured on two columns, without additional field formatting or column headers, which can help you to easily transfer the data. More Languages: (C) Copyright 2006 -2011, Christian Hesse. Improvements, suggestions, and contributions are always welcome. 1 : a dictionary (or an analogous work) that explains the meaning of words and phrases 2 : a book that includes a dictionary of the vocabulary of a particular language or subject The list of words in the table is assumed to be sorted by their first letter. For the latter, the database offers a "letter to word" relationship. What's new in technical dictionary english dutch Technical Dictionary English Dutch is a program developed by Christian Hesse. The download size is 1157 MB. Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows a5204a7ec7

One of the many fields that make up the file is the description, which contains the technical term itself along with its translation in the Dutch language. If you need to use the term in your application, all you need to do is open the file, select the appropriate field and copy the text from there. To insert the term in your application, simply select the field as an edit box. Technical Dictionary English Dutch Cracked 2022 Latest Version: Another field is the name of the field, which provides a word list in English and Dutch that includes the original term, its abbreviation and its translation in the Dutch language. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: The other two fields are the initial letter and the fields of origin. For instance, “am” means you can insert the abbreviation in “electric motor”, “aa” means you can use it for “ABS” and so on. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: When you need to go to the English field, you simply have to use the abbreviation of the term, and in this case, “e:Elektrische motor”. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: As was mentioned earlier, the database can be used as a standalone dictionary. Since it is a Microsoft Excel file, you can easily open it and perform all the operations that you need. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: For instance, you can select the word from the list or enter a new one. If you want to search for a word, you can perform this in two ways. Either you can enter a phrase or just a word in the first field. If you enter a word, the software will perform a phrase search, since this is the only option. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: The next field is the search field. You can search for various options, from a list of completed terms, similar to the “Find” dialog, to a single word or phrase. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: The software will allow you to replace all the words from the list, instead of just the requested one. This way, the list and the language database are totally dynamic. Technical Dictionary English Dutch: If you have selected a word from the list, you can click on the button “show” and this will highlight it in the list. If you then click on the button “edit”, you will have an opportunity to edit the word. For example, you can change it to a phrase or

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