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How do I configure the TP-Link wireless router's bandwidth control?

A TP-Link wireless router's bandwidth management configuration is easy to complete. But it could consume a lot of your time. How to do it is as follows:

  • Enter in the address bar of your open web browser.

  • The default access is listed on the product's bottom label.

  • On the TP Link Login page, you must next enter a username and password.

  • The Bandwidth Control-Control settings option is available on the left menu; you must select it.

Selecting "ADSL" for the line type should be done if you are using an ADSL modem. Consult your ISP to choose your line type if you are having trouble making your decision. You should also be aware that your ISP is required to give you access to both the ingress and egress bandwidth (1 mbps = 1024 kbps).

  • Clicking Save will secure your settings.

  • To configure bandwidth monitoring or regulation on your device, go to Bandwidth Control>Rules List.

  • To add a new rule, click add new.

Note: Observe that your computer system will become independent given bandwidth when you configure a single IP address. Similar to how you would setup an IP address range, all systems within the range would share the bandwidth.

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